∕        2000 – 2003: cooperation between “Heinle und Stadler Organisationsberatung” (Konrad Stadler, Stephan Heinle) and Kloster Andechs’ Kultur GmbH (Anselm Bilgri, Jürgen Schott). Focus: workshops dealing with the philosophy of leadership included in the Rule of St. Benedict


∕        2004:  Establishment of AZU (Anselm Bilgri – Zentrum für Unternehmenskultur) with Anselm Bilgri, Jürgen Schott, Konrad Stadler and Stephan Heinle as partners. Focus: presentations and workshops on values-focused corporate leadership,  mission statement and values generation processes


∕        2008: renamed stadler/heinle/schott/ - Beratung für Unternehmenskultur. Focus: change and cultural change processes in Germany and abroad, presentations and workshops on issues of values-focused leadership


From 2012 onwards: stadler/schott/ - Beratung für Unternehmenskultur